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Do you want to read religious books but are unable to find time?

Don't we all wish to make the best use of our time, whether waiting in lines, driving long distances, or on long flights around the globe? Ever picked up a book by a prominent scholar or a renowned leader, read few pages, found it inspiring, but yet had to put it away? Ever found a book which drew your interest, but you just couldn’t find the peace and quiet to devote to reading it?

Islamic E-sources has realized this challenge we all face in these busy times. Making the best use of the state of the art technology we present to you this high quality work in the form of Islamic Audio Books.

What’s more, having these available in electronic format coupled with hand-held devices such as iPods, MP3 Players, Smart-phones, iPhones, and the like, has opened many avenues for developers and smart consumers alike.

Many intelligent and time conscious people have put the portability of such devices to good use by listening to audio/e-books on lengthy flights, on extra-long and boring commutes to work, on casual walks in the park or even taking them along on their bike-ride. What better way than to use these facilities to learn, enhance and solidify our understanding of our faith.

On this auspicious occasion of birth of Imam Hasan Al-Askari (A.S), Islamic E-Sources brings to you e-Books based on the written work of some of the most intellectual religious scholars of our time. Our prime objective is to disseminate the wealth of knowledge contained within these books. This site is for those who carry within them the thirst for acquiring knowledge and gaining understanding.

The portability of these audio/e-books, along with the ease with which one can download, listen, and share with friends and family, is quite powerful.

This site contains an ever increasing rich collection of Islamic Audio books on diverse topics and various languages. We urge you to give it a try and share your feedback.

These books are a result of hard work by many volunteers who have contributed many longs hours to make this project a reality. May Allah bless them in this world and the hereafter.

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