where shall we begin

Where shall we begin? - English

  • Where shall we begin by Dr. Ali Shariati
  • "In the tradition of Abudhar, who is my mentor, whose thought, whose understanding of Islam and Shi'ism, and whose ideals, wants, and rage I emulate, I begin my talk with the name of the God of the oppressed (mustad'afan). My topic is very specific.This is a universal, pertinent, and fundamental question. It is not a question that I have put forward based on my own understanding or as a result of my own contemplation; rather it is the question of our time, to which I have tried to provide an answer. When one looks at the history of social development in the world, one encounters certain historical epochs during which numerous works were published entitled "Where Shall we Begin?" or "What Is To Be Done?" ... Dr. Ali Shariati

Ibadat aur Namaaz

Ibadat aur Namaaz - Urdu Translation

  • Ibadat aur Namaaz by Ustaad Shaheed Murtaza Muttahari
  • Urdu translation by Daar-us-Saqalain
  • This a an excellent book on the topic of Namaaz and it explains how namaaz is connected to all other Ibadaat in our life
  • Wonderful and comprehensive description of a Followers life covering all aspects that comprise a complete Worshipper

Maanwi Azadi

Maanwi Azadi - Urdu Translation

  • Maanwi Azadi by Ustaad Shaheed Murtaza Muttahari
  • Urdu translation by Sajjad Husein Mehdawi and Syed Saeed Haider Zaidi
  • Maanwi Azadi is another master piece of Shaheed Murtaza Muttahari, which describes what freedom really means in Islamic perspective and how we can achive the status of Maanwi Azadi

20 Answers

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Twenty Answers - Urdu

  • Twenty Answers or 20 Jawaab is an excellent resources for answers to some major questions about Shia logic, practices, believes and fiqh.
  • This book is published by Darus Saqafa Islami Karachi Pakistan

Khud Sazee

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Khud Saazee - Urdu Translation

  • Khud Sazee, Tazkiyeh wa Tehzibe Nafs By Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini
  • Urdu translation by Hujjat-ul-Islam Akhtar Abbas
  • The book mainly covers:
    • Definition of Soul
    • Etiquette and instructions to diagnose and treat these diseases
  • Some of the topics covered in the book are:
    • Self-purification, Human Virtues, What to Be?, Heart in Quran, Hard-heartedness, Self-refinement, Self-struggle, Egotism, Worldliness, Piety, Characteristics of the Pious, Repentance or Self-cleansing, Training and Perfection of Self, Faith, Means of Achieving Perfection and God's Nearness, Invocations, Instructions, Obstacles of the Path, Nourishment of Moral Virtues, Righteous Deeds etc