Aenah'e Ikhlaq

Aenah'e Ikhlaq

  • Aenah'e Ikhlaq by Ayatollah Sheihk Mamaqani
  • Urdu translation by Maulana Zeshaan Haider Jawadi
  • Maulana Jawadi rated this book as best book in Urdu language on topic of moral values
  • This book is the "last will" of Ayatollah Sheihk Mamaqani to his family 

Ahadees Qudsi

Ahadith'e Qhudsi - Urdu Translation

  • Urdu Translation of Ahadis'e Qudsi by Maulana Zeshaan Haider Jawwadi
  • This book contains fourty detail Ahadith'e Qudsi and few miscellaneous Ahadeeth'e Qudsi 

Khud Sazee

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Khud Saazee - Urdu Translation

  • Khud Sazee, Tazkiyeh wa Tehzibe Nafs By Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini
  • Urdu translation by Hujjat-ul-Islam Akhtar Abbas
  • The book mainly covers:
    • Definition of Soul
    • Etiquette and instructions to diagnose and treat these diseases
  • Some of the topics covered in the book are:
    • Self-purification, Human Virtues, What to Be?, Heart in Quran, Hard-heartedness, Self-refinement, Self-struggle, Egotism, Worldliness, Piety, Characteristics of the Pious, Repentance or Self-cleansing, Training and Perfection of Self, Faith, Means of Achieving Perfection and God's Nearness, Invocations, Instructions, Obstacles of the Path, Nourishment of Moral Virtues, Righteous Deeds etc